Fill Finish

ABL Europe

ABL Europe provides viral vector aseptic drug product manufacturing services in-house using a Bausch and Straubel filling machine located in a rigid isolator. Automated liquid filling operations are aseptically validated using Pharmaceutical industry standard vials and stoppers, providing clients the security of an integrity tested, container / closure with a long-term supply chain.

ABL offers the following filling and finishing operations:

  • DIN 2R and 2mL type 1 borosilicate glass vials
  • 13 mm bromobutyl stoppers and flip-off caps
  • 10,000 vials per batch (filling speed 3,000 units per hour)
  • Phase 1 – 3 clinical supply, including engineering / toxicology supply runs
  • Process validation batches
  • Manufacturing process hold / product stability runs
  • Fully comprehensive in-house QC release & stability testing

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