Securing the future of our Company, including its subsidiaries ABL Europe and ABL Lyon, is the primary concern of our employees, management and directors. As a responsible, internationally active company, and a member of the Institut Mérieux group of companies, ABL strives to maintain a healthy balance between economic success and social responsibility to our stakeholders as well as to society at large. This Social Responsibility Charter expresses the primary principles we follow in order to achieve this goal.

  1. ABL conducts business responsibly, in compliance with all applicable domestic and international laws, and supports fair and open competition that is free from corruption.
  2. The safety and health of the Company’s employees and third parties who potentially may be impacted by its operations takes top priority for ABL. Accordingly, ABL complies with all relevant laws aimed to ensure a safe working environment. Moreover, the constant further development and improvement of the Company’s occupational health and safety program is supported and promoted. A key objective of ABL’s occupational health and safety efforts is that every employee goes home as healthy as he or she came to work. The long-term goal is “zero accidents.”
  3. The quality of ABL’s products and services is critical for patient safety. ABL is dedicated to continuously improving its quality management systems and policies to guarantee their reliability and quality.
  4. ABL is committed to innovation in order to create high quality products and services that meet the evolving needs of our customers in support of their efforts to address important public health issues, including infectious diseases and cancer.
  5. ABL recognizes that the diversity of its employees is a strength to be promoted and supported. ABL’s corporate culture is based on mutual respect and an appreciation of every individual as aspects of its regard for human rights generally. ABL condemns any type of discrimination in the workplace and is committed to making reasonable accommodations for those with disabilities or religious needs.
  6. ABL supports lifelong learning on the part of its employees. The development and expansion of the professional skills of our employees is encouraged at all levels through appropriate training and further educational opportunities. This is aimed at ensuring that the skills of our workforce remain in line with the future strategic challenges of the Company and that employees are well positioned for advancement within the Company as needs and opportunities arise.  At the same time ABL emphasizes the personal responsibility of its employees to keep current and improve their skillsets.
  7. ABL is committed to playing a positive role in the communities where we operate and its community focus regularly supports worthy causes in local neighborhoods. Our employees have a strong sense of social responsibility and are able to volunteer their time and skills through the Company’s Employee Volunteer Program to non-profit organizations that serve our local communities. The Company may also establish a budget from time to time to make monetary donations to such organizations.
  8. ABL supports responsible supply chain practices, and selects its vendors based on their social commitment and performance via the Company’s Third Party Standards that mandate responsible purchasing in addition to favorable commercial terms.
  9. ABL recognizes that the conservation of the global environment is an issue of common concern for our stakeholders and for all humanity, and is committed to reduce our environmental burden through environmentally conscious business activities.
  10. The mobility of ABL’s workforce is becoming increasingly important in view of the international scope of its business. ABL therefore encourages the international mobility of its workforce when justified by business needs.