About ABL

ABL is a biotech corporation with headquarters located in Rockville, MD providing contract manufacturing and laboratory research services to advance leading vaccines and therapies from clinical development to the commercial market. ABL combines its expertise in translational science together with operational excellence to solve the challenging product development problems that are often faced by our clients as they bring their life-changing technologies to the world.

With cGMP facilities located in the U.S. ABL is well positioned to provide comprehensive development and manufacturing support for protein and virus production utilizing single-use bioreactor platforms and other disposable technologies. ABL provides our clients with a fully integrated solution that includes cell line and process development, GMP manufacturing, QC release testing and QA/Regulatory support.

ABL’s contract research teams have decades of experience with immunoassays, developing custom assays and panels to support human clinical trials and preclinical animal studies. We routinely work with clients to design and run immunogenicity studies, biomarker analyses and other evaluations to better understand the impact of cutting-edge therapies: the mechanism of action, correlates of protection, pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamics studies and other critical safety and efficacy data.

ABL is a subsidiary of the Institut Mérieux, a global organization committed to serving medicine and public health across the globe.

ABL’s Mission

ABL harnesses decades of pioneering science and manufacturing expertise to drive the development of innovative therapies and vaccines supporting the biopharmaceutical industry in their quest to improve public health.

ABL’s Vision

Empowering our clients to conquer the world’s most challenging diseases.

ABL’s History

  • 1961: Company established as Bionetics Research Laboratories (BRL), conducting biomedical research for the U.S. Government
  • 1968: Acquired by Litton Industries and renamed Litton Bionetics, Inc. (LBI).  Company began expanding activities in the areas of retrovirus and cancer research
  • 1976: Co-discovery and characterization of IL-2
  • 1984: Co-discovery of HIV-1 and development of first HIV diagnostic blood test
  • 1985: GMP compliant
  • 1985: LBI acquired by Organon Teknika n.v., a subsidiary of Akzo Nobel, Inc. U.S. Government support laboratories renamed Advanced BioScience Laboratories, Inc. (ABL)
  • 1995-1997: Identification of beta-chemokines as HIV-1 soluble suppressors
  • 2001-2004: ABL acquired by bioMerieux, Inc. and later spun out under the Institut Mérieux as an independent U.S. corporation.  During this time, ABL continues to develop product development services against a broad array of infectious disease and immune-based disease targets
  • 2011: ABL moved into a new corporate headquarters and state-of-the-art cGMP facility in Rockville, MD
  • 2014: ABL invested in clinical services through the acquisition of Platine Pharma Solutions, SA (Lyon, France) and build-out of a dedicated GCLP clinical testing laboratory in Rockville, MD
  • 2015: ABL Europe, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ABL, Inc. formed to lead ABL manufacturing operations in Europe
  • 2016: ABL significantly expands its cGMP capability by acquiring a manufacturing plant from Transgene, SA (Strasbourg, France) for the production of virus-based gene therapies, oncolytics and vaccines. This facility, managed by ABL Europe, has been inspected and approved for GMP operations by the ANSM, maintains multiple bulk productions suites, a high-speed isolator-based aseptic fill/finish line, and QC laboratories for development and execution of product release and stability studies.