Government Partnering

Advancing Product Development Solutions

With years of experience priming government contracts, as well as serving as a dependable subcontractor on project teams, ABL has the expertise and infrastructure to help you achieve your contract funding goals.  We team with our partners to:

  • Serve as an integrated service provider or as a subcontractor for gap-filling services
  • Fulfill requirements under existing government contracts

Strategic Services to Expand Your Core Competency and Win New Business

ABL offers expertise in navigating the government funding process for our clients.  With capabilities in biomedical research and manufacturing, ABL can serve as a prime or a subcontractor on new government opportunities.  These services can be provided for many areas of government interest, including:

We are seeking new opportunities to serve as a prime or a subcontractor to accelerate the selection of your candidate technology, platforms, or products.  We can direct all steps in your product development program beginning with an integrated development plan.  We perform preclinical in vivo and in vitro studies in addition to manufacturing clinical trial material for Phase I-III studies.

Preclinical and Clinical Research Services

ABL has extensive animal and laboratory services to manage and execute preclinical testing programs  to support product development.  We develop methodologies to measure immune responses to vaccines and therapeutics in preclinical and clinical trials.

Column chromatography
GMP Manufacturing

ABL manufactures material for toxicological studies and Phase I-III clinical trials. ABL can develop, optimize and scale up cGMP-compliant processes for your vaccine, biotherapeutic, critical reagent or challenge material.

Montgomery County Small Business Champion

ABL provides preclinical and clinical services that alleviate the need to invest in infrastructure.  We support SBIRs and large contract applications.  Additionally, we are always searching for qualified small business subcontractors and vendors.  In 2015, Montgomery County Department of Economic Development recognized ABL as a Small Business Champion for the work we do to support our local small business community:

ABL Advantages

  • Coordinated solutions utilizing in house subject matter experts and external partners
  • Streamlined government acquisition strategies
  • In house contract services and scientific expertise
  • Guidance through FAR clauses
  • Liaison to Contracting Officers (CO) and CO Representatives (COR)