Quanterix Simoa

Fully Automated Ultrasensitive Detection with Multiplex Capabilities

quanterix-simoa-2-0-crop640The concept behind the Quanterix Simoa assay platform is based upon the isolation of individual immunocomplexes on paramagnetic beads using an ELISA methodology. The main difference between Quanterix and conventional immunoassays lies in its ability to trap and analyze single molecules, enabling a “digital” readout and resulting in high precision detection of your target analytes.

This approach yields unprecedented sensitivity in the range of tens of femtograms per milliliter (fg/mL) on average, making detection and quantitation possible for previously unattainable biomarkers.

Sample inputs include plasma, serum and CSF, among others, while full automation ensures robust and consistent assay results.


  • Immuno-oncology
  • Infectious Disease
  • Inflammatory Conditions
  • Low Frequency Biomarkers
  • Early Detection


  • Unmatched sensitivity levels (1000 times greater than conventional immunoassays)
  • Ability to count single protein molecules
  • Fully automated
  • High throughput capacity (enabled for single tube or 96 well plate formats)
  • Multiplexing capabilities facilitate conservation of sample
  • Broad Dynamic Range
  • Custom assays


Contact us today to discuss your ultrasensitive detection needs and let our scientists explain how Quanterix can help augment your testing strategy.