Luminex xMAP Technology

Highly Flexible, Cost-Effective, and Efficient


As an alternative to traditional bioassays, ABL offers the Luminex 200 System assay platform, a flexible, bead-based detection system incorporating the principles of flow cytometry. Utilizing a combination of three core xMAP® Technologies — xMAP microspheres, the flow cytometry-based Luminex analyzer, and the xPONENT® software — Luminex can provide clients with a heat map style analysis across a broad panel of analytes.

The Luminex xMAP technology offers significant advantages over traditional bioassays, such as the ELISA, by offering high-throughput multiplexing of up to 100 analytes in a single well of a microtiter plate. In contrast to an ELISA, the beads or microspheres used in Luminex have the capture antibody covalently immobilized on a small surface area, requiring less capture antibody and accommodating smaller sample volumes with a marked reduction in non-specific binding.

Luminex delivers fast and cost-effective results across several assay formats, including immunoassays, receptor-ligand assays, and enzymatic assays.



  • Less expensive than ELISA
  • Minimal hands-on time
  • Efficient, simultaneous readouts
  • Multiplex up to 100 analytes
  • Use as little as 25µL sample
  • Minimal reagents needed
  • Heat map analysis


Contact us today with your analytes or indication of interest and let ABL’s scientists suggest a multiplexing panel that best suits your needs.