ABL Immunobiology in Europe

Batiment Domilyon
Centre d’Infectiologie, Floor 1
321 Avenue Jean Jaurès
69007 Lyon

Phone: +33 (0)4 37 70 87 00
Fax: +33 (0)4 37 70 67 98

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ABL Lyon (fmr Platine Pharma Services), a subsidiary of ABL, Inc., is located in Lyon, France and serves as the European contract research and clinical testing arm of ABL. It is the partner of choice for numerous pharmaceutical and biotech drug development companies developing innovative treatments in several therapeutic areas including oncology, infectious diseases, neurological disorders and in neurological disorders and inflammation.

ABL offers expert immunobiology services to advance therapies from discovery to clinical stages. ABL combines its scientific expertise with the highest quality environment and the largest panel of technologies for the detection and the quantification of soluble biomarkers, encompassing ELISA or multiplex Luminex® or MSD assays, and ultra-sensitive technologies such as Simoa HD-1 Analyzer™ (Quanterix) or Erenna® (Singulex) going as low as the femtogram/mL level. ABL supports several clinical studies by assessing the status of biomarkers in various patient sample matrices. Check our menu of ready-to-use biomarkers by contacting us at info@abl-immuno.com.

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