5429 – HIV-1 gp120 Antigen Capture Assay

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HIV-1 gp120 | 1 (96-well plate)

Enzyme Immunoassay for the detection of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 (HIV-1) gp120 in tissue culture media.

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Megati, S., Garcia-Hand, D., Cappello, S., Roopchand, V., Masood, A., Xu, R., Luckay, A., Chong, S., Rosati, M., Sackitey, S., Weiner, D., Felber, B., Pavlakis, G., Israel, Z., Smith, L., Eldridge, J., Sidhu, M., Egan, M.  Modifying the HIV-1 env gp160 Gene to Improve pDNA Vaccine-Elicited Cell-Mediated Immune Responses.  Vaccine 26:5083-5094. 2008.

Santosuosso, M., Righi, E., Lindstrom, V., Leblanc, P., Poznansky, M.  HIV-1 Envelope Protein gp120 is Present at High Concentrations in Secondary Lymphoid Organs of Individuals with Chronic HIV-1 Infection.  Journal of Infectious Diseases 200:1050-1053.  2009.

Supporting Documentation

Product Manual:

HIV-1 gp120 ELISA Kit Manual

Safety Data Sheets (SDS):

Disruption Buffer SDS 101315
Stop Solution SDS US 102015
HIV-1 gp120 Antigen Capture Assay SDS US 101315

Certificates of Analysis:

Certificate of Analysis: Lot GP0078
Certificate of Analysis: Lot GP0079

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