Your viral vector breakthrough.

Our cGMP biomanufacturing.

Their hope.

Your viral vector breakthrough.

Our cGMP biomanufacturing.

Their hope.

People holding hands in comfort to demonstrate that ABL gets lentivirus viral vector therapy into the right hands faster.

ABL is focused on accelerating your viral vector therapy breakthrough to get it in the hands of those who need it sooner. 

As viral vector experts, we optimize the development and manufacturing of preclinical and clinical virus-based biologics, including lentivirus. The result is a linearly scaled, repeatable, and robust process. 

With ABL as your strategic partner, your life-changing innovation can be scaled in as quickly as a few months.

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Rapid scale-up of lentivirus (LV) production

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ABL has refined the process of harvesting sensitive lentivirus to both an art form and proven science. By using iCELLis® bioreactor technology, we’re able to rapidly scale-up clinical-grade lentivirus material in a fraction of the time.

Discover how large-scale lentivirus production is possible when you partner with ABL.

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Lentivirus can be challenging. It has all different kinds of aspects that force you to come with different strategies to harvest it. The process we’ve developed with the iCELLis has proven to be the most reliable and successful method.

Isabelle Pelletier
ABL, Senior Staff Scientist

ABL manufacturing equipment for viral vector therapies, including lentivirus.