Leadership Team

Franck Lemiale, Pharm.D., Ph.D.


Dr. Lemiale has over 25 years of experience in immunology, applied to vaccine research and development. His scientific focus has been on preclinical development of vaccine candidates and on the development and implementation of immunology assays for monitoring vaccine clinical trials. Dr. Lemiale has served as the primary investigator on a large number of preclinical and clinical stage studies aimed at developing a range of novel biologics and at exploring their effects on the immune system, as well as identifying immune correlates of protection. His experience ranges from early-stage research, product development, project management, clinical trial design, patient immune monitoring and regulatory strategies. Dr. Lemiale began his post-doctoral career at the NIH Vaccine Research Center, where he developed novel DNA prime/vector boost regimens for the development of HIV vaccine candidates.. In subsequent positions in the biotech industry, he created and led an immunology laboratory for monitoring immune responses in patients involved in a variety of clinical trials, while leading a lentiviral vector-based HIV vaccine program at VIRxSYS Corp. In that same capacity, his contributions led to the optimization of novel gene therapy vectors leading to the initiation of first-in-human HIV-based gene therapy trials for the treatment of HIV infection. Prior to joining ABL, Dr. Lemiale managed a number of vaccine studies in the field of tropical medicine at the PATH Malaria Vaccine Initiative. While there, he contributed to the identification of several immune correlates of protection for malaria, studied a variety of immune responses for the first-ever phase 3 malaria vaccine candidate, and identified several novel malaria vaccine antigens through the development of monoclonal antibodies in the application of reverse vaccinology.

In his current position at ABL, Dr. Lemiale leads the activities of a team of scientists, while acting as the principal investigator on a number of commercial programs. His multidisciplinary team aims at developing novel assays using the latest immunology, virology, protein chemistry and molecular biology tools and applies them to a range of contract studies on behalf of the US government, biotech and pharmaceutical institutions.