Government Partnering

Established Government Programs with Proven Scientific and Manufacturing Expertise

ABL currently manages hundreds of millions of dollars in contracts with the U.S. government in the biotechnology and biomedical fields.  We offer our services directly to government scientists, to government-funded principal investigators, and to other US government prime contractors. We have been a trusted service provider to the NIH since our inception in 1961, and have the infrastructure and expertise to proficiently execute a wide array of product development work for medical countermeasures, emerging diseases and diagnostics.

We support development, testing, and manufacturing of vaccines and biologics, providing specialized gap-filling services to assist you through the most challenging of product development plans.  ABL has a robust network of qualified partners that offer streamlined, comprehensive product development solutions.

ABL also participates as a member of Department of Defense (DoD) teams on ID/IQ contract vehicles to provide product development services to the US Government to advance medical countermeasures for warfighter safety and national defense.

Work with ABL through Existing Contracts

The following table provides an overview of current government contracts and vehicles under which ABL is performing work. Summaries of this work follow the table.

Prime Contracts

Contract Number

Contract Title (Agency)




Value ($M)

HHSN261201800007C (12505)

Research Support Services





HHSN272201700010I (14011):

Preclinical Development Support (DAIDS)





HHSN272201600008I (14008)

Comprehensive Resources for HIV Microbicides and Biomedical Prevention





HHSO100201600019I (14009)

Respiratory Illness Live Virus Fill/Finish Services





HHSN271201700010I (14010)

CRO support for NCAT drug substance development and manufacture





HHSN272201200005I (15001)

Manufacturing and Characterization Services for Vaccines and Other Biologics for Infectious Diseases





HHSN272201600004I (18000)

Preclinical Services for Biopharmaceutical Product Development





75N91019D00025 (13000)

Cancer Preclinical Drug Development Program: Preclinical Services for Biopharmaceutical Product Development & Manufacturing (PREVENT)





Prime Contracts

Preclinical Development Support” (HHSN272201100021I) National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), Division of AIDS (DAIDS). Period of performance: 2004–2018.ABL provides preclinical development support for promising products when such candidates emerge from investigator-initiated research studies to allow NIAID to more rapidly and efficiently close development and production gaps.

ABL is responsible for developing new human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) candidate vaccines at varying stages of development through preclinical evaluation and cGMP manufacturing of products for Phase I/II clinical trials.

“Manufacture and Characterization Services (MCS) for Vaccines and other Biologics for Infectious Diseases” (HHSN272201200005I). NIAID, Division of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (DMID) Period of performance: 2012-2022.

ABL provides DMID with a suite of product development services from early feasibility studies through manufacture, testing and release of Phase I/II clinical materials for products combating pathogens, such as Shigella flexneri, Candida albicans, Clostridium difficile, Bacillus anthracis, human papillomavirus (HPV), rabies virus, influenza virus and dengue virus.

“Science Moving towArds Research Translation and Therapy (SMARTT) Biologics Production Facility (BPF)” (HHSN268201100014C). National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI) Period of performance:  2010 – 2018.

ABL serves as the Biologics Production Facility for the SMARTT program. ABL’s GMP bioproduction facility manufactures research and Phase I clinical-grade cGMP biologics in support of IND-enabling studies for NHLBI investigators.

DAIDS “Comprehensive Resources for HIV Microbicides and Biomedical Prevention (CRMP) (HHSN272201000001C). Period of performance:  2009-2016.

ABL is providing product development support on several non-vaccine HIV preventative strategies (e.g., topical microbicides, vaginal rings, and other pre-exposure prophylactic or PrEP strategies) ranging from product characterization and GLP toxicity studies to developing novel formulations and cGMP manufacturing.

“Support for Research on Retroviral Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention” (HHSN261201500001C). National Cancer Institute (NCI) Period of performance:  1970s-2017. ABL has held this contract for approximately 35 years.

ABL provides support for investigations of retroviral pathogenesis, development of treatment strategies for AIDS and development of vaccines for prevention of HIV and human T-lymphotropic virus (HTLV) infection. ABL’s nonclinical in vitro services for this contract range from isolation and characterization of animal and human retroviruses to stem cell culture experiments to evaluate efficacy and toxicity of gene therapy candidates.

DAIDS “Simian Vaccine Evaluation Units” (HHSN266200600005C). Period of performance:  1999 – 2020.

The purpose of this contract is to test candidate simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV) or HIV vaccines selected by NIAID in nonhuman primates. This contract requires conducting multiple vaccine studies concurrently, including complex studies with multiple challenge, dosing and sampling periods with toxicity and efficacy readouts. ABL provides protocol development, conducts studies, and provides in vitro laboratory immunologic and virologic assays.

DAIDS “Nonhuman Primate Core Quantitative Viral RNA Laboratory for AIDS Vaccine Research and Development” (HHSN272201100022C). Period of performance: 2003 – 2018.

ABL established a Primate Virology Laboratory under BSL-2 as a resource laboratory with a focus on conducting assays to quantitatively measure the plasma levels of SIV, SHIV, or HIV viral RNA in infected nonhuman primates with a high degree of sensitivity and accuracy.

Subcontracts/Contract Vehicles

Subcontractor on the Department of Defense (DoD), Army Medical Command “Medical Product Research and Development (MPRD)” IDIQ Contract (W81XWH-15-D-0042). Period of performance:  2015 – 2025.

ABL joined the team of contract research, clinical, and manufacturing organizations headed by Engility Corp (formerly TASC, Inc.). The scope of the work includes all medical product development services to support the US Army Medical Materiel Development Activity (USAMMDA), US Army Medical Materiel Agency (USAMMA), US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command (USAMRMC), and the Joint Project Manager (JPM) Medical Countermeasure Systems (MCS). Support services will include all aspects of product development, including project management, clinical, non-clinical, manufacturing, regulatory, training, protocol and information technology.

Subcontractor on the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) “Research and Development Support Services” IDIQ Contract (W81XWH-16-D-0007). Period of performance:  2015-2020.

ABL joined the TCONNEX Inc. team to offer preclinical and clinical laboratory and manufacturing services. These services will support and/or provide: 1) Execution and accomplishment of defense medical research, development, test and evaluation (RDT&E) objectives 2) Assistance in program management and policy development related to medical research, development, and acquisition programs and activities 3) Other contract efforts in support of RDT&E objectives.

Subcontractor on the DoD IAC Program Management Office, Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) “Homeland Defense and Security Technical Area Tasks (HD TAT)” IDIQ Contract (FA8075-14-D-0012). Period of performance:  2014 – 2019.

ABL is part of the team AECOM (formerly URS Corporation) Homeland Defense and Security-related RDT&E and R&D related A&AS services supporting all aspects of identified or potential military, national security-related, and dual use applications of related technologies and methods, as well as the development of tools and techniques that enhance the mission of the DoD R&E community. ABL services the medical and chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) technical focus areas of the contract. This contract is open to all federal agencies.